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about us

our specialization is retail audit at the
level of cities and micro-regions

why us

decor.svg decor.svg accurate data straight from the retail outlets that updates every 6 minutes. elimination of human factor in data collection due to the full automation of the source.

the ever growing market coverage accounts more than 4,000 outlets across Kazakhstan(outlet types - B, C). team of experienced data scientists with international expertise.

decor.svg how accurate

our data sources are fully automated meaning the exclusion of human error. The system shows real transactions.

decor.svg decor.svg our team of data scientists and analysts conduct the the research based on microregions, allowing to pin point the performance on the market with highest accuracy.

truth & trust

we believe that one of the most important aspects in our job is the trustworthiness. in order to prove that we deserve your trust, we deliver truth with crystal clear transparency.

since we are dealing with FMCG market and traditional channels, we understand that the human factor influences the accuracy and transparency of the information. with fully automated system and online databases, we ensure accuracy and truth in our analysis.