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analytics at the level of customized

interactive maps
of Almaty and  

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almaty.gif almaty map Almaty
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nur-sultan.gif nur-sultan.gif Nur-Sultan

decor.svg analytics is sharpened for
solving sales problems

find points of sales growth

which micro-region’s sales are sagging and why

sales performance comparison to competitors by category

what is the real demand in each separate micro-region

focus on geographies

which micro-regions require commercial efforts

which field of work personnel should be directed into the micro-regions

how can distribution be adjusted to increase sales

adapt your product portfolio

how to adapt the portfolio to the demand in specific micro-regions of the city

how to adjust the price in the local conditions of a particular geography

how effective is the current combination of brands in different areas

reported facts

sales volume
sales in pieces
sales volume in money
change in sales for the period
average prices
market share

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